Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creative Space

I just recently purchased the book The Selby from Urban Outfitters and I've been completely obsessed. I feel like my little cube of inspiration could hold It's own in Todd Selby's collection of cool spaces. It constantly makes me feel inspired and I feel that's exactly what a room should do. Enjoy! My greatest source of inspiration: my desk and the ever changing collection of images i surround myself with

I keep a collection of dead, dried-up flowers atop one of my armoirs. I find dead flowers to be far more beautiful than living.. the collection consists of old corsages from school dances, The hydrangea bouquet from my first Valentine's day with my boyfriend, Rose from my dad, and more hydrangeas from my Grandma's garden.

Collage drawing at the top of the bottom photo was my final for drawing 1 at school senior year

Thrifted Darth Vader mask to complete my mannequin (with dress i made for school fashion show)
I used to be obsessed with Paul Frank and the Julius and Friends cartoon when i was younger. I could never part with any of it.
^^ I don't know why I took a picture with aton of junk food on my nightstand..

Cluster of balloons! I love that creation-I just wrapped old birthday balloons around an exsisting hook in my ceiling and they've lasted a few years.

My wall gallery! black and white charcoal self portrait and unfinished oil painting on canvas both done by me in Art class my senior year. The frame on the bottom left is a WHY? concert poster that i went to June 26th @ First Avenue in Minneapolis. It was my second time seeing them live, and I had it signed by all of the members of the band.
And the Alice Poster- My favorite movie of all time. Never ever gets old.

I've had this dress hung from my ceiling forever. I love the idea. It makes my room seem like a fashion wonderland.

Some favorite books stacked for easy access, and some vinyl records displayed on a small easel.
I just recently realized my small bags and necklaces make excellent pieces of art when tacked up on the wall. They deserve to be displayed!

Black dress for my boyfriends upcoming Birthday dinner. originally $98.00 at Urban, I scooped it up for just $29.99! I couldn't have found a more perfect little black dress. Will post pics when i wear it-so excited!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shipwrecked Beauty


credits from previous post!

Tsumori Chisato top, about $490 dernier cri, nyc. vanessa bruno shorts about $265- barneys new york, barbara bui sandals $1,690 (212)-625-1938

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


[click to enlarge]

I recently came across this page from the February 2008 issue of Teen Vogue. I love, love, LOVE the top she is wearing. But, due to my obsessive cutting issue, (magazine cuts, people!-NOT wrists!) I no longer have the full issue intact. Therefore, i cannot flip to the back credits and read the outfit information. I am Currently working on finding out who that top is by! It's so gorgeous, and FUN! Has such a cartoon-like quality to it, obv perfect for the feature!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So, i kind of just suck at this whole blog thing, huh?

I always have all these great, fantastical ideas i think of throughout the day and i think, "Hmm, that'd be cool on a blog! Gee, perhaps MY blog? CUZ I HAVE ONEOFTHOSE, YUHKNOW!!

So in lue of my horrid multi-tasking or even single tasking skills, i decided-for now-that it might be best to set aside a DAY to add to the blog. (why is day all caps?)

Shall this day be...Thursday? yes. yes it shall. LOST isnt on Thursdays. Thursday is "Lonely Day", as my boyfriend and i have called it. So now it shall be known as my "lonely, blogging day"

That sounds cheery...

I will get my shat together and then then my Dreams in Haute Couture shall be lovely.