Monday, March 1, 2010


So, i kind of just suck at this whole blog thing, huh?

I always have all these great, fantastical ideas i think of throughout the day and i think, "Hmm, that'd be cool on a blog! Gee, perhaps MY blog? CUZ I HAVE ONEOFTHOSE, YUHKNOW!!

So in lue of my horrid multi-tasking or even single tasking skills, i decided-for now-that it might be best to set aside a DAY to add to the blog. (why is day all caps?)

Shall this day be...Thursday? yes. yes it shall. LOST isnt on Thursdays. Thursday is "Lonely Day", as my boyfriend and i have called it. So now it shall be known as my "lonely, blogging day"

That sounds cheery...

I will get my shat together and then then my Dreams in Haute Couture shall be lovely.


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