Monday, January 25, 2010

ACTUAL pictures. taken by myself. mind. blown.

Yes, i AM actually adding pictures that were taken by me, of my things. Now, they arn't outfit posts (YET), but we will get there, people! Baby steps. Heck, its finals week.....
SO! moving right along here. this is a small potrtion of my room. granted my room is in itself a small portion, you get the idea. this would be the top of my dresser. I quite enjoy it. There's the empty bottle of my all-time favorite perfume, moschino i love love. *sigh* The light pink fan was free! thank you, kind-perfume-lady-with-flower-bomb-samples.
And the clutch is one of my major wardrobe loves. I will pass this on to my child. Found at a boutique in B-ville. I found it at the peak of my vintage-esque/carrie bradshaw-esque clutch/small baguette phase (which is still going strong).
Ahh, my desk... how i love thee. The wicked awesome skull is from UO. The bustier purse is OLD. I remember when they were all over the stores way back in the what, early 2000's? I know I have a picture somewhere of it being the centerpiece at my birthday party-which im sure sounds strange to anyone whose NOT me, but it was freakin' cool. Actually-come to think of me- my cat gave it to me. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON MY CATS. They just HAPPEN to get us gifts whenever its someone's birthday. Thoughtful, no? I am not obssessed. End of story. Anyways, where was i? Cats!? Oh yes, so i pulled this little gem off my tippy-top shelf to put it on display. It deserves it. I imagined it would be some quirky bag carrie bradshaw would carry, so OBVSZ that makes it 157356018654 times cooler, right?
close up of the corner, i guess. Oh look, there's my unfinished fine art final! Hooray!

Tea cup and saucer via Anthropologie and the coolest card you will ever see. You open it up to yet another epic-ly awesome picture of the joker and he says, "Let's put a smile on that face!"
That movie was a masterpiece. The joker=my hero.
MY CHAIR!! ohh chair, how pretty and whimsical you are. Reminds me of a chair from Alice in Wonderland (favorite movie). When i have a house i will have this chair and other quirky chairs around a long, dark mahogany wood table. and it will look like Alice in Wonderland with mis-matched quirky china, like the cup and saucer above.

Thrifted shooooeesss!!! found about a week ago. BRAND. SPANKIN'. NEW! Just lying there. Helpless. In my size. Beckoning to me, calling out, YEARNING FOR A HOME! Who am i to deny a blue-suede slipper-esque shoe(with embroidered stars) a proper home??! And at just SIX AMERICAN DOLLARS, i proudly adopted them.
Mannequin (dress form, technically, i guess) that holds my statement necklaces and scarves,
and apparently my old press pass from being on the newspaper
Aaaaaaaaand FIN.

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